Who We Are

Ahadi Empowerment Academy: We are all part of God’s family.  Our staff, our students, our Board, and our leadership.  We are all committed to living up to the calling that God placed on each of our lives.  The Ahadi staff along with the Ministry Heads are deeply committed to following God wherever He takes this ministry!  Our Ahadi Family now consists of 16 staff, plus the Ahadi Leadership.  6 of our staff are currently or have been Ahadi Students.  Empowering women that are empowering the ministry.

What We Do

We promise to use any and all resources God provides to help others use their passions and gifts to find their purpose in life.  We seek to promote individuals on an educational level,  as well as a spiritual level that exceeds their present condition and circumstances.

Our Mission

Ahadi Academy exists to assist women of all ages, particularly young mothers, and widows. We provide them with love, care, education, skill training, theological classes and employment opportunities. We provide them the resources needed to achieve certification in a variety of areas

Our Vision

We strive to achieve the vision God has given us for this ministry.  We will be a self-sustaining ministry by 2023, God helping us, and once that is achieved, we will reproduce what was done in Kikopey to other communities in Kenya.  God has given us a vision of reaching more than 1000 women and transforming lives and entire communities throughout Kenya.

Our Goal

Our goal is to empower women to be contributing members of their communities, with a promising future for the generations that follow them

Ahadi Empowerment Academy
Ahadi Empowerment Academy