Ahadi Community Chapel Programs

Programs include Evangelism Training, Student Spiritual Welfare, Bible Study and Community Outreach.

Students work through a 12 week evangelism training course.  Learning a variety of ways to share the gospel, as well as memorize scripture.  They also participate in the showing of the Jesus Film in Swahili and area tribal languages in different communities.  They make house calls and pray for community members in need of special care.

Daily Chapel

The students are required to attend daily Chapel services.  Students devotions are an integral part of being empowered.  We believe growing spiritually is  a critical part of living fully empowerment.  Society tends to label our worth and identity on achievement, education, and wealth.  In some cases, community status, illness, or where we’ve come from or what’s been done to us.  We strive to ensure our students know their identity is based on the foundation of God’s love for us. Daily Chapel starts our day on the right foot.  We seek Him first before starting classes.

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