Community Investment

1. The Living Water Program

For the living water program, due to the scarcity of water in the region, we are providing community members with 4 buckets of water a day for every family.

We are also offering classes about the importance of clean water and hygiene.

2. Daycare Program

Ahadi Empowerment Academy saw a need of the students that are mamas to young ones. We have recently opened the Ahadi Daycare.  We have built a safe and fun daycare building for all the little ones.  Including a daily agenda full of play time, learning activities and nap time.  The Mamas can be assured their little ones are in a safe and healthy environment, while they are taking the empowerment classes.

3. Giving Back Program

Each month a family in the community is identified by our students and staff that stands in need of something extra. Our social worker then visits and assess the recommended family to confirm if they are truly in need. The Ahadi Students are given the history behind each family’s circumstances and together they donate and contribute the much-needed resources such as corn, grain or flour, cooking oil etc. The amount of donations is totaled and the Ahadi ministry matches dollar for dollar then the combined gift is brought to the family by the students and staff. A time of scripture reading, worship and prayer blesses the needy family and the gifts are given. Our evangelism team then follow up with the families in the following weeks. This is an example of how Ahadi Empowerment Academy loves the community in which we serve.

4. HOPE Care Fund

The existing H.O.P.E program is currently transitioning into the H.O.P.E Care Fund, and the transition will be complete by the fall of 2021.  The Leadership Team of the ministry found it necessary to revamp and reprogram how the sponsorship program worked.  We decided to do away with the individual sponsorships and make it a more encompassing program.  H.O.P.E Care Fund is that new program.  Donors (sponsors) now commit to contributing any amount of money to this fund annually or monthly.  The funds are then distributed to various needs such as housing, food supplies, medical bills, children’s school fees, extreme cases of emergency intervention.  Ahadi’s Social Worker and Leadership Team closely monitor and vet all cases and situations.  God has used this program and funds to work miracles and transform lives!

5. Support Groups

We have a support group of 20- 25 women. The group provides an opportunity for women from different backgrounds and with different needs to share personal experiences, feelings, and business ideas.

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